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Spicewood Community Library

New Library Construction Project


floor plan.jpg

The Friends of Spicewood Community Library opened a library in Spicewood for its 2,400 residents in 2007. It offered about 5,000 items for patrons to check out.  The land, building, all content and staff hours were entirely volunteer donated.

 Spicewood has continued to grow.  By the end of 2023, Spicewood is projected to have over 13,000 residents and on target to grow to over 15,000 by 2028.  Though the current library has grown somewhat with the population and demand growth, it hasn’t been able to keep up.  The original structure is a 40+ year-old remodeled manufactured building and needs to be demolished.  More space is needed to serve the community’s growing need for a place to learn, to discover, to explore, to educate, to enjoy, and to play an essential role in the intellectual and technological growth of the area.

The Friends of Spicewood Community Library recently established a building fund for a new building.  Conceptual floor plans and elevations have been developed.  The above is a depiction of the front elevation.  The cost to build it will be in the $1.8 million-dollar range and the Friends are seeking donations from residents and businesses in the area.

Donations in check form may be mailed to Spicewood Library Building Fund, PO Box 463, Spicewood TX 78669.

 If you choose, you may make donations up to $5,000 with a debit/credit card by clicking HERE.

Also, we would like to recommend to those of you who have reached that magic age where you must begin taking RMDs from your retirement accounts to consider making a Qualified Charitable Distribution from your retirement account.  Check with your tax advisor, but you may make up to $100,000 donation to a qualified charity (Friends of Spicewood Community Library is one) annually.  Taxes are not withheld from these distributions. 

If you would like more information concerning the project, the capital fundraising plans or the library, please let us know.